Carbon Footprint Calculator for Green Cloud Computing

Open Source & Easy to use

Tanmay Deshpande
4 min readNov 17, 2021


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My previous article, “Climate Change Combat Guide For Software Engineers,” discussed how software developers can help reduce carbon emissions. COP26 Conference also highlighted the immediate need for action in these directions.

In this article, I will talk about an open-source tool that can help you measure your company’s cloud carbon footprint and suggest ways to reduce it.

Principles of Green Software Engineering

I have been a big supporter of Principles of Green Software Engineering, and I have been highlighting its importance from time to time. Here are the eight principles of green software engineering —

  1. Carbon: Build applications that are carbon efficient.
  2. Electricity: Build applications that are energy efficient.
  3. Carbon Intensity: Consume electricity with the lowest carbon intensity.
  4. Embodied Carbon: Build applications that are hardware efficient.
  5. Energy Proportionality: Maximize the energy efficiency of hardware.
  6. Networking: Reduce the amount of data and distance it must travel across the network.
  7. Demand Shaping: Build carbon-aware applications.
  8. Measurement & Optimization: Focus on step-by-step optimizations that increase the overall carbon efficiency.

Cloud Carbon Footprint Tool

The eighth principle says you need to measure your carbon footprint and find ways to optimize it. My search to find something that can help me achieve this led to — Cloud Carbon Footprint Tool.

Cloud Carbon Footprint provides a way for organizations to measure, monitor, and reduce their carbon emissions from the cloud. It supports connecting to multiple cloud providers, allowing you to get a full picture of your cloud emissions.

This product is designed to be trusted for its accuracy and comprehensiveness while aiding organizations…